Top Cat Records was a Jamaican label Formed by Tommy Cowan. The Top Cat label, was a subsidiary to Dynamic Records. It managed at least one single in the UK. By Ricky Storme aka I. Kong. It issued a Promo singles in an TC-0 numerical series. Distributed By Dynamic Records. 

71 Ricky Storme The Way It Is TOP CAT TC 01
71 The Jamaicans Love Uprising / My Love For You  TOP CAT TC 02
71 The Jamaicans / The Conscious Minds Mary / Soldier Boy TOP CAT TC 03
71 Ricky Storm The Way It Is  TOP CAT TC 04
71 The Jamaicans Night On The Town / The Benz TOP CAT TC 05
71 Tropic Shadows If I Were A Rooster / The Rooster  TOP CAT TC 06
72 Ace's Wild Ponononoos TOP CAT TC 07
72 Uhuru The Sound Of Freedom* / The Freedom Express Folk Song / Folk Song (Version) TOP CAT TC 08

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