Independent label: Tomorrow Records was formed by Ian Levine. To promote records that later were released on various UK labels, such as 20th Century, Pye, Nems etc. It managed at least one twelve singles. All of them DJ copies. It issued singles in an LE-000 numerical series. Ian Levine was Born  Ian Geoffrey Levine on the 22 June 1953 in Blackpool, Lancashire. He is an English songwriter, producer, and DJ. A noted moderniser of Northern soul music in the UK, and a developer of the style of Hi-NRG, he has written and produced records with sales totalling over 40 million. On leaving school in 1971 he became a disc jockey at the Blackpool Mecca ballroom. Levine joined other DJ's in travelling to Stoke on Trent to join the Northern soul all-nighter "Torch", which was quickly shut down but was the fore runner of the Wigan Casino events, which Levine opened. Working with fellow DJ Colin Curtis, the pair was responsible for guiding the Northern soul scene away from its oldies-only policy and towards modern soul and disco. Distributed By Ian Levine Records. Evelyn Thomas (born Ellen Lucille Thomas, August 1953) is an American singer from Chicago, Illinois, best known for the dance hits "High Energy", "Masquerade", "Standing At The Crossroads", "Reflections", and "WeakSpot". Doris Jones, an American-born soul singer, is better known in Europe than in the U.S.A. Born in South Carolina in 1948, she moved to New York 11 years later and started singing in the Merick Baptist Church Choir. Tyrone Ashley was born Sammy Campbell in Plainfield, New Jersey. His most succesful release is "Let Me Be Your Man" (1971). In the mid 70's he became one of the first black soul performers produced by Ian Levine. The Exciters were an American pop music group of the 1960s. They were originally a girl group, with one male member being added afterwards. At the height of their popularity the group consisted of lead singer Brenda Reid, her husband Herb Rooney, Carolyn Johnson and Lillian Walker. In 1975, Brenda and Herb Rooney, credited as the Exciters, enjoyed a hit single in the UK with "Reaching for the Best", produced by Rooney and young newcomer producer Ian Levine. The song was aimed at the British Northern soul scene but crossed over to the UK Singles Chart where it peaked at No. 31. Barbara Pennington was born in 1950s in Chicago is an American Hi-NRG and soul music artist of the 1970s and 1980s. She began her musical career when Hi-NRG and soul record producer Ian Levine came to the United States in search of new talent for his record label. L.J. Johnson Real Name: Louis Maurice Johnson he was Born 10.12.1950 in Chicago. Founded his first group at thirteen years old with his brother Robert and his sister Sherry. During high school years the group ecolved to Everyday People. In 1975 he joined The Mood Mixers, a group with lead vocals by Evelyn Thomas. Musician Danny Leake introduced L.J. Johnson to Ian Levine. Levine suggested the singer to AVI Records. Carol Woods (born November 13, 1943) is an American actress and singer.

76 Evelyn Thomas  Doomsday  TOMORROW  LE 001
76 Doris Jones He's So Irreplaceable TOMORROW  LE 002
76 Carol Woods Heading Down Fools Road TOMORROW  LE 003
76 Tyrone Ashley  Feet Start Moving TOMORROW  LE 004
76 The Exciters  Swallow Your Pride TOMORROW  LE 005
76 Barbara Pennington  I Can't Erase The Thoughts Of You TOMORROW  LE 006
76 L.J. Johnson  Dancing On The Edge Of A Dream TOMORROW  LE 007
76 Doris Jones  Stranded In The Wilderness  TOMORROW  LE 008
76 The Exciters  Heaven Is Wherever You Are TOMORROW  LE 009
76 Tyrone Ashley  Nothing Short Of A Miracle  TOMORROW  LE 010
76 Not Issued TOMORROW  LE 011
76 Carol Woods  Your Face Keeps Haunting Me  TOMORROW  LE 012

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