Independent label: Todays Hits Records was a short-lived budget-price label, from Damont Records, of Hayes, Middlesex.  Todays Hits - without an apostrophe - seems to have come and gone in 1975, leaving just three records to show for its efforts.  They were four-track EPs, and they featured anonymous cover versions of recent Chart hits.  The tracks were taken from Stereo Gold Award's '12 Hits' series of budget-price albums; the EPs had picture sleeves in the same style as their parent albums, featuring 'dolly birds' on the front.  They are difficult to find, which suggests that the market for them was much smaller than it was for '12 Hits' LPs and for other LPs of that nature, such as the 'Top Of The Pops' and 'Pick Of The Pops' series.  Pressing was by Pye, though the sleeves all give Damont as the manufacturer.  The Avenue, Deacon, Double Top, and Flag labels operated in the same area, some more successfully than others. Distributed By PYE Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 No Artist Listed Todays Hits - Bye Bye Baby TODAYS HITS AMD 1
75 No Artist Listed Todays Hits - Sing Baby Sing TODAYS HITS AMD 2
75 No Artist Listed Todays Hits - Hold Me Close TODAYS HITS AMD 3

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