Independent label: Toadstool Records released at least two singles: 'Controversial', by Alternative Punk band Slime (GOOD-1; 1978); Pressed By Lyntone Recordings Ltd. LYN 5147 LYN 5148 and 'Disco Veteran', by Bog Ugly (GOOD-2). Toadstool Records Former Address: 16, Godstone Road, Caterham, Surrey. Slime was Formed in Wales Band Members were Jock Sayers (vocals, bass), Slimey Toad (guitar), Jock Tate (drums). Distributed By Toadstool Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Slime Controversial TOADSTOOL GOOD 1
78 Bog Ugly Disco Veteran TOADSTOOL GOOD 2

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