TM Records was a small independent / DIY label, from the Weymouth area.  Information about TM has been difficult to come by: it would appear to have been a recording facility run by Trevor Matthews, and it was responsible for at least three records in 1973-74.  Two of them - 'Arthur Woffinden At Weymouth Pavilion' (DER-934; 1973), and 'By Request' by The Allstars, Weymouth (TM-2; 1974) - were LPs, but the third qualified TM for this site by being an EP.  It was by The Alderney Middle School Choir, Recorder Group & Percussion Group, and it was called 'With Best Wishes'; its catalogue / matrix number was DER-919, and according to its sleeve it was recorded in June 1973 - presumably it was released shortly afterwards.  Tracks on it were 'Jamaica Farewell', 'Edelweiss', Zepperl Polka' and 'Nuns Chorus'.  As the 'DER' prefixes indicate, the EP and one of the LPs were made through custom-pressing firm Deroy.  News of other releases would be gratefully received, as indeed would more details or a scan of the label. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 Alderney Middle School Choir, Recorder Group And Percussion Group. With Best Wishes TM DER 919

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