Independent American label out of Miami, Florida: T.K. Records was owned by Henry Stone; it was named after Terry Kane, the man who built Stone's recording studio. In the USA the company operated from the early '70s until 1981, and scored regular Chart hits with artists such as K.C. & the Sunshine Band and George McRae. Over here, T.K. products appeared on the Jay Boy label, through President, until April 1977, when the actual T.K. label made its first appearance.  More hits followed, notably a No.1 with Anita Ward's, 'Ring My Bell' (TKR-7543; 1979), but apparently money troubles led to the company closing two years later. Initially T.K. singles were manufactured and distributed by RCA over here; they shared a common numbering with that company's singles, but used an XB prefix. CBS took over in November 1977 after the agreement with RCA expired.  The catalogue number prefix was changed to TKR, and from that point the actual numbers were taken from the main CBS series: the 6000-6050 and 7500-7599 blocks seem to have been reserved for T.K. issues, though a couple of singles had numbers outside that range.   The changeover was accompanied by only minor alterations to the label design.  The company sleeve is from the CBS era. Distributed By CBS and RCA Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Latimore Something īBoutīCha T.K XB 2151
77 T Connection Do What You Gonna Do T.K XB 2165
77 Kc & The Sunshine Band I'M Your Boogie Man T.K XB 2167
77 Jimmy Bo Horne  Get Happy T.K XB 2173
77 Facts Of Life Sometimes T.K XB 2180
77 Peter Brown  Do Ya Wanna Get Funky Wuth Me T.K XB 2183
77 Celi Bee & Buzzy Bunch Superman T.K XB 2185
77 Timmy Thomas  Magican T.K XB 9052
77 T Connection Do What You Gonna Do Part 2 T.K XB 9108
77 T Connection Do What You Gonna Do T.K XB 9109
77 Celi Bee & Buzzy Bunch One Love T.K XB 9145
77 George Mccrae  Kiss Me The Way I Like It T.K S TKR 6005
78 T Connection On Fire T.K S TKR 6006
78 Peter Brown  Do Ya Wanna Get Funky Wuth Me T.K S TKR 6009
78 Chi Coltrane  Ooh Baby T.K S TKR 6011
78 Controllers Somebody Gotta Win T.K S TKR 6016
78 Timmy Thomas  Touch To Touch T.K S TKR 6017
78 Lonnie Smith  Funk Raction T.K S TKR 6021
78 T Connection Let Yourself Go T.K S TKR 6024
78 Kc & The Sunshine Band Boogie Shoes T.K S TKR 6025
78 Peter Brown  Dance With Me T.K S TKR 6027
78 Jimmy "Bo" Horne Dance Across The Floor T.K S TKR 6028
78 Bee Celi  Hold Your Horses Babe T.K S TKR 6032
78 Usa European Connection Come Into My Heart T.K S TKR 6034
78 Mcdonald Ralph Calypso Breakdown T.K S TKR 6035
78 Kc & The Sunshine Band It'S The Same Old Song T.K S TKR 6037
78 Foxy Get Off T.K S TKR 6040
78 Peter Brown  You Should Do It T.K S TKR 6048
78 Joe Thomas  Plato'S Retreat T.K S TKR 6049
78 Kc & The Sunshine Band Do You Feel Alright T.K S TKR 6050
78 Timmy Thomas  Freak In Freak Out T.K S TKR 7505
79 Celi Bee  & Buzzy Bunch Boomerang T.K S TKR 7509
79 Gregg Diamond This Side Of Midnight T.K S TKR 7511
79 Beautiful Bend Boogie Motion T.K S TKR 7512
79 Kc & The Sunshine Band Who Do Ya Love T.K S TKR 7514
79 Bobby Cadwell  Down For The Third Time T.K S TKR 7515
79 T Connection At Midnight T.K S TKR 7517
79 Latimore Too Hot To Handle T.K S TKR 7524
79 Bobby Cadwell  What You Won' Do For Love T.K S TKR 7529
79 Foxy Hot Number T.K S TKR 7532
79 Greg Diamond  Doing That T.K S TKR 7534
79 T Connection Saturday Night T.K S TKR 7536
79 Kc & The Sunshine Band Do You Wanna Go Party T.K S TKR 7539
79 Ish Faster Then A Speeding Bullet T.K S TKR 7540
79 Kc & The Sunshine Band I Will Love You T.K S TKR 7541
79 Anita Ward  Ring My Bell T.K S TKR 7543
79 Joe Thomas  Make Your Move T.K S TKR 7544
79 Peter Brown  Crank It Up T.K S TKR 7545
79 Foxy Headhunter T.K S TKR 7550
79 Anita Ward  Ring My Bell T.K S TKR 7551
79 George Mccrae  Don'T You Feel My Love T.K S TKR 7554
79 Kc & The Sunshine Band Please Don'T Go T.K S TKR 7558
79 Ralph Mcdonald  I Need Someone T.K S TKR 7559
79 Joe Tex  Discomania T.K S TKR 7564
80 T Connection Ecstacy T.K S TKR 7571
80 Peter Brown  Love In Our Hearts T.K S TKR 7572
80 Kc & The Sunshine Band Let'S Go Rock 'N' Roll T.K S TKR 7574
80 Jimmy Bo Horne  Without You T.K S TKR 7575
80 Bobby Cadwell  Coming Down From Love T.K S TKR 7577
80 Peter Brown  Stargazer T.K S TKR 7579
80 Peter Brown  Can'T Be Love T.K S TKR 7580
80 David Hudson  Honey Honey T.K S TKR 7583
80 Jimmy Bo Horne  Is It In T.K S TKR 7586
80 Hale Willie Beaver Groove On T.K S TKR 7587
80 Peter Brown Do Ya Wanna Get Funky With Me T.K S TKR 8870
80 K.C. And The Sunshine Band That's The Way (I Like It) T.K S TKR 8850
80 George McCrae Rock Your Baby T.K S TKR 8855
80 T-Connection Do What You Wanna Do T.K S TKR 8857

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