Independent label: TJM Records was from Manchester, run by Tony Davidson. who also ran the recording and rehearsal studio TJ Davidson's Rehearsal Studio. TJM's main claim to fame is that it released the first records by Simply Red's Mick Hucknall. Hucknall's band, the Frantic Elevators, made two singles for TJM: 'Voice In The Sky' (TJM-5), and 'Hunch Back Of Notre Dame' (TJS-6) - though the latter seems not have made it past the demo stage.  Other notables to have records out on TJM were Skrewdriver and Slaughter & the Dogs.  The label operated in 1979-80 and issued about a dozen singles, though several were 12" only; distribution of the last of them was by Rough Trade.  The SMP-000 number which appears above the TJM one in the first example shown was part of a series belonging to custom recording concern MPA.  The second, injection moulded, single has a 'made in France' look to it: several small labels had recourse to French pressing facilities around that time - see 'Absurd' for another example. Distributed By Rough Trade Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 V2 Man In The Box (12") TJM TJM 1
78 Distractions You'Re Not Going Out Like That (12") TJM TJM 2
79 Slaughter & Dogs It'S Alright (12") TJM TJM 3
79 Skrewdriver Built Up Knocked Down TJM TJM 4
79 Frantic Elevators Voice In The Dark TJM TJM 5
79 V2 Is Anybody Out There TJM TJM 6
79 Frantic Elevators Hunchback Of Notre Dame                                                       SMP 087 TJM TJM 7
79 Private Sector Just Just Wanna Stay Free TJM TJM 8
79 Teardrops Seeing Double                                                                         SMP 095 TJM TJM 9
79 Miss Kate Ebony Eyes                                                                               SMP 089 TJM TJM 10
79 Various Artists Idenitiy [ Lp ] TJM TJM 11
79 Pathetix The Pathetix [ Ep ] TJM TJM 12
79 Victim The Victim [ Ep ] TJM TJM 13
79 Victim Why Are Fire Engines Red TJM TJM 14
79 Victim The Teen Age TJM TJM 15
79 Mooney Eddie & Grave I Bought 3 Eggs TJM TJM 16

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