Independent Reggae label: Tip Top Records was a Sonia Pottinger label. And was another one of literally hundreds of Reggae labels which came and went during the 1970s, usually leaving little or no impression on the world of music.  The address on the first example indicates that Tip Top, which was a record shop, was based in Green Street, London E7.   It put out at least four singles on its own label in 1978.  The catalogue number of K. Christian's 'No Justice For The Poor', TTR-001, was straightforward, but subsequent releases were numbered 2964, 5185 and 5187.  Those number appear to be those of the Jamaican originals; that was certainly the case with the Jah Ted's 'Rasta Cry' (TTR-5187), which came out on Living Music GL-5187 in that country. Distributed By Tip Top Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78  K. Christian No Justice For The Poor TIP TOP TTR 001
78 Jah Ted Sad Rocker TIP TOP TTR 2964
78 Palmer Clifton  Liar TIP TOP TTR 5185
78 Weston Wint True Love TIP TOP TTR 5156
78 Jah Ted Rasta Cry  TIP TOP TTR 5187

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