Time Bomb Explosions Records was a DIY label from Scotland. Time Bomb Explosions's only release of the '70s was Fire Exit's, 'Time Wall' b/w 'Talkin' About Myself' (TBE-1), which came out in August 1978.  The labels were blank white ones with information stamped on them with what seems to have been a John Bull printing outfit - a common DIY ploy.  According to the sleeve the 'company' was called Timebomb Records at that point.  TBE-2, 'Sailor's Cry' by a related band called Serpents Of Love, didn't appear until 1987; the sleeve of that record has the words 'Another TimeBomb Explosions Record' on it, which seems to imply that the first single was also a TimeBomb Explosions record.  Distributed By Time Bomb Explosions Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Fire Exit Timewell TIME BOMB TBE 1
87 The Serpents Of Love Sailors Cry TIME BOMB TBE 2

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