Independent label: Tiffany Records was a label of the Mecca Agency, co-owned by them and by Dave Christie. There was also a publishing company, Tiffany Music. Tiffany appears to have been a straightforward Pop label, its roster of artists featuring comedian Freddie Starr, 'Opportunity Knocks' winners Airborne, and previous hit-makers the Handley Family.  In its first incarnation Tiffany was a member of the Phonogram stable. The first Tiffany single shared a 6006-000 numerical series with those of parent company Philips; subsequent releases had their own 6121-500 series.  Despite the commercial nature of many of the company's records only one of them ever broke into the Charts: Freddie Starr's, 'It's You' (6121-501), which made it to the No.9 spot in February 1974.  Tiffany operated as part of Phonogram from 1973-75, and issued ten singles and at least one album.  The majority of the records that I have seen were produced by Dave Christie.  The company was to have a second lease of life from in 1979 to 1985 as an independent, releasing singles in a TF-1200 series.  I have only managed to track down one of these from the '70s, Don Fox's 'This Bingo Game' (TF-1212; 1979).  Fox followed up with three other Bingo records in the mid '80s; they were separated by the release of 'Wagtail Walk' by Vic and Carol's Crazy Circus (TF-1255; 1985).   If the catalogue numbers are anything to go by there should be at least fifty-six others out there somewhere, but googling reveals no trace of them and thy probably don't exist - it seems more likely that the numerical part belonged to the studio where the recordings were made and was therefore shared with other labels.  Pressing of the first two Don Fox records was by Lyntone. Distributed By Phonogram Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 Handley Family Boing Boing Boing TIFFANY 6006 322
74 Starr Freddie It'S You TIFFANY 6121 501
74 Airborne Emily Jane TIFFANY 6121 502
74 Airborne Caroline TIFFANY 6121 503
74 Starr Freddie Ginny Come Lately TIFFANY 6121 504
74 Tristram Shandy Saccharine Sandy TIFFANY 6121 505
74 Rhodes Rocky Rocky Rhodes Boogie TIFFANY 6121 506
74 Velicia Stop The World TIFFANY 6121 507
75 Starr Freddie Ape Call TIFFANY 6121 508
75 Kelly I'm Talkin' To Ya TIFFANY 6121 509
79 Don Fox  Bingo (I'm In Love) / This Bingo Game  TIFFANY TF 1212
84 Don Fox That's Bingo (Ep) TIFFANY TF 1250
84 Don Fox  That's Bingo (Ep) TIFFANY TF 1255
84 Vic & Carol's Crazy Circus With The Wagtail Chorus  Wagtail Walk TIFFANY TF 1255
85 Don Fox Mecca National Game Song TIFFANY TF 1260

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