Independent label: Thunderbird Records was owned by ex-Pirate Mick Green.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, therefore, it offered its fair share of records by Rock bands such as Shanghai and Paris.  Its fourth single was Shanghai's version of the Pirates' hit, 'Shakin' All Over' (THE-104; 1/76), which Green co-produced.  That said, the presence of a couple of Freddie Starr singles, 'White Christmas' (THE-102; 1975) and 'Bad Boy' (THE-108; 4/76) would appear to do little for the label's Rock credentials.  Thunderbird operated from 1975 to 1978 and issued at least fourteen singles, which were numbered in the TH-100s; the block from TH-109 to TH-112 seems not to have been used.  Initially manufacture and distribution were by CBS, but in the middle of 1976 Thunderbird joined the President stable, and a reference to President appeared on the label.  At that point distribution switched to the BIRD group, which included Lugton and H. R. Taylor.  The only single from this latter period that I have seen in the vinyl was pressed by Orlake.  It seems odd that the single with the CBS-style promo markings shown should date from the President era, but that is the case.  Promos of subsequent issues appear to have gone back to the 'little red A' marking: those of 114 and 116 definitely did. . Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 The Dread Orchestra  Symphony Of The Apes THUNDERBIRD THE 100
75 Shanghai   Candy Eyes  THUNDERBIRD THE 101
75 Starr Freddie White Christmas THUNDERBIRD THE 102
75 Champagne Vhaevala THUNDERBIRD THE 103
76 Shanghai Shakin' All Over THUNDERBIRD THE 104
76 Champagne All The Love For All Seasons THUNDERBIRD THE 105
76 Butterflies Crazy Legs THUNDERBIRD THE 106
76 Powell-Baden Keith Bridge Over Troubled Water THUNDERBIRD THE 107
76 Starr Freddie Only Sixteen THUNDERBIRD THE 108
76 Not Issued THUNDERBIRD THE 109
76 Not Issued THUNDERBIRD THE 110
76 Not Issued THUNDERBIRD THE 111
76 Not Issued THUNDERBIRD THE 112
76 Champagne I'M Gonna Miss You THUNDERBIRD THE 113
76 Paris Circles THUNDERBIRD THE 114
76 Dragon Black Magic THUNDERBIRD THE 115
77 Skeets Boliver Sheethouse Door THUNDERBIRD THE 116
77 Skeets Boliver Moonlight In Jeopardy THUNDERBIRD THE 117

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