Independent label: Thumb Records was based in Guildford and owned by Tony Leach.  Catalogue numbers suggest that Thumb issued at least six records but I have only been able to track down five of them, and four of those were albums.  LPs and singles shared the same TR-000 numerical series.  TR-001, a Various Artists LP entitled 'Who Invited Them?' came out in 1978 and featured four bands: Headwaiter, House, Poker, and the Jackie Lynton H.D. Band.  The latter provided the label with what appears to be its only single, 'Dan (The Hedgehog Song)', which was numbered TR-003, and it came out in 1979.  Apparently its 'B' side, 'Farting With The Famous', was co-written by Rick Parfitt, of Status Quo.  Jackie Lynton bands were also responsible for two LPs, 'Till We're Blue In The Face' (TR-002; 1979) and 'White Line' (TR-006; 1983), with Mainline's 'Where We Are Now' (TR-004; 1981). Thumb Records Former Address: 83 Waltham Avenue, Guildford, Surrey.. Distributed By TS Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Various Artists  Who Invited Them (Album) THUMB TR  001
79 Jackie Lynton Till We're Blue In The Face (Album) THUMB TR  002
79 Jackie Lynton'S H. D. Band Dan (The Hedgehog Song) THUMB TR  003
81 Mainline Where Are We Now (Album) THUMB TR  004
82 Not Issued THUMB TR  005
83 Jackie Lynton White Line (Album) THUMB TR  006

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