Independent label: Thor Records was a label of Thor Studios, of Glasgow.  The fare on offer on the few Thor releases was mainly the standard Cabaret / Club / Folk material, which suggests a custom recording concern; it was however responsible for one collectors' item in the form of an LP by Captain Marryat (THOR-1007; 1974), which apparently goes for very good sums nowadays.  The only two seven-inch records I have happened upon were numbered in the S-250s.  S-253, pictured above, was issued in 1977 and was a split EP shared between Campbell Hughes ('Bonnie Mary Of Argyll') and Sandy Moir.  S-256 was a split single, with Ron Slattery's 'Okie From Muskogee' on one side and John Slattery's 'Your Sister Sue' on the other; its label was of the same design but was coloured yellow.  Stephen Small reports the existence of a single by The Diplomats, 'Lonely Road', which was numbered 2407 and came out in 1970, and an EP by Tommy Trousdale & The Sundowners, with 'Sweet Little Rock And Roller' and three other tracks on it, which was undated but was numbered 1500.  In addition there were self-titled albums by The Haloes (THOR-1003) and Two's Company (THOR-1009), but that's the lot so far.  At least one EP with a Thor number came out on the 'Ca Va' label.  There may well be a lot of other Thor records out there, but presumably they were pressed in very small quantities. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

70 Not Traced THOR S 2401
70 Not Traced THOR S 2402
70 Not Traced THOR S 2403
70 Not Traced THOR S 2404
70 Bring Peace Songs For Young Christians (Album) THOR TS 2405
70 Hurdie Gurdies Hurdie Gurdies (Album) THOR TS 2406
70 The Diplomats Lonely Road THOR S 2407
76 Not Traced THOR S 251
76 Mannfolk With Gillian Mclean The Story Of Greyfriar'S Bobby (Ep) CRAIGHALL CS 7 252
77 Campbell Hughes From The Glenmorag Hotel Dunoon, Argyll, Scotland (Ep) THOR S 253
77 Not Traced THOR S 254
77 Not Traced THOR S 255
75 Ron Slattery/John Slattery Okie From Muskogee/Your Sister Sue THOR S 256
78 Not Traced THOR S 257
78 Not Traced THOR S 258
78 Not Traced THOR S 259
78 Not Traced THOR S 260
79 Stoneycreek Cajun Bill Cheatham CA VA EPS 261
70s Tommy Trousdale & The Sundowners Sweet Little Rock And Roller THOR S 1500

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