Independent label: Theatr Yr Ymylon Records was a bilingual touring theatre company based in Cardiff.  There appears to have been only one release on the label: a split single coupling 'Can Nana' by Mair Robbins and Meic Stevens's 'Bach-Bach', both of which seem to have been featured in one of the company's productions, 'Dic Penderin'.  Each side had its own catalogue number, the Robbins being YM-SP-01, the Stevens YM-SP-02.  The year of release was 1978.  The label was white with a green map of Wales on it; a large red dragon was superimposed over the map, and the words 'THEATR YR YMYLON' were at the top, in two lines. Distributed By Theatr Yr Ymylon Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Mair Robbins And Meic Stevens Bach-Bach / Can Nana THEATR YR YMYLON YM-SP 01-02

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