The Singles Records was a DIY label. And one of those cases where there was no company identity and I've had to name the label after the band which made the records.  In this particular case the band was Punk putfit The Singles, who  issued a single, 'Adolf Hitler', on their own label in 1978.  As can be seen from the scan, the label was of very basic design and had the 'smooth outer, rough inner' appearance of an Orlake pressing.  The catalogue number of the single was SING-1; the 'B' side, 'Mercy', had its own number, SING-2. Distributed By The Singles Records. The Singles was a band from the Rochdale / Oldham area and released this one and only long lost Punk classic in 1978 in a pressing of Only just 100 copies. Recorded at the legendary Cargo studio in 1978. The band used to change their name fairly regularly due to the fact that after they played certain gigs, the venue wouldn't re-book them due to the fact of the style of music and stage antics. Band Members were Neal Drennan (aka Captain Dreadnought) - Vocals  Gerard Towey (aka Towzer) - Guitar Mark Grabowski (aka Grabbie) - Bass  Paul Taylor (aka The Vicar) - Drums. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Singles Adolf Hitler THE SINGLES SING 1/2

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