Independent Irish label: The Records was part of Tommy Hayden Enterprise. It managed at least five singles. It issued singles in an THE-100 numerical series. Distributed By Release Records. D.J.Curtin And The Kerry Blues started as the resident band in the Mount Brandon Hotel in Tralee in 1965. D.J Curtin (vocals) and Johnny Wall (guitar) teamed up with D.J.'s brother, Alfie Curtin (guitar), along with Tommy Griffin (drums) and Tommy O'Connor (bass) and the new band took to the stage. D.J. had been working as a cinema projectionist before becoming a full time musician. For the first few years they were semi-professional and played in the Mount Brandon, honing their skills and learning their craft. Within a short while, brother John Curtin joined the band on sax as well.

74 D.J.Curtin And The Kerry Blues Losing You / Ride Me Down Easy THE RECORDS THE 101
74 Not Traced THE RECORDS THE 102
74 The Values  Let It Be Me / Place In The Sun THE RECORDS THE 103
74 Gina & The Champions -  Single Girl THE RECORDS THE 104
74 D.J.Curtin And The Kerry Blues Tips Of My Fingers THE RECORDS THE 105

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