Independent label: The Label Records was an early Punk label, set up by Sex Pistols producer Dave Goodman and Caruzo Fuller. The Label survived to issue eleven singles, including three by Eater, during the period 1977-79, and had a short-lived Reggae offshoot, Boa. Distribution early on was by Virgin; Pinnacle took over before TLR-008.  The only two singles that I have seen in the vinyl were Pye pressings.  The company had a base in Japan, which may explain why one of its releases was 'Ageso-Na-Omae' b/w 'Yamate' by Peko and Naka (TLR-002). Dave Goodman (29 March 1951 Died 10 February 2005) was a record producer and musician, perhaps best known as the live sound engineer for Sex Pistols, and the producer of three of their studio demo sessions. Dave Goodman died of a heart attack at his home in Malta. Eater were an early British punk band from London who took their name from a Marc Bolan lyric. The band was formed in 1976 by four high school friends: Anglo-Egyptian singer and guitarist Andy Blade (real name: Ashruf Radwan). guitarist Brian Chevette (real name: Brian Haddock), drummer Dee Generate (real name: Roger Bullen) and bassist Ian Woodcock. Eater were known for being one of the youngest bands, if not the youngest band, in the punk scene. They were 1417 years old when they formed the band. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Eater Outside View THE LABEL TLR 001
77 Peko & Naka Ageso-Na-Omae THE LABEL TLR 002
77 Eater Thinkin' Of The Usa THE LABEL TLR 003
77 Eater Lock It Up THE LABEL TLR 004
78 Front System THE LABEL TLR 005
78 Bombers I'M A Liar Baby THE LABEL TLR 006
78 Eater Get You Yo-Yo'S Out [ Ep ] THE LABEL TLR 007
78 Dave Goodman & Friends Justifiable Homicide THE LABEL TLR 008
78 Eater What She Wants She Needs THE LABEL TLR 009
79 Cash Pussies 99% Is Shit THE LABEL TLR 010
79 Wellings Nick & Section You Better Move On THE LABEL TLR 011

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