Cravats Records was a DIY label. Redditch Punk band The Cravats issued one single, 'Gordon' b/w 'Situations Vacant' (CH-004; 1978) on their own label.  The label doesn't appear to have a name as such. The single was picked up and distributed by Small Wonder records, which is why some copies, such as the two shown, have 'Small Wonder Records' overprinted on them.  The band went on to make several more singles for Small Wonder.  Pressing of 'Gordon' was by Lyntone, and it was recorded in Outlaw studios, Birmingham.  The catalogue number doesn't seem to be part of a series.. Distributed By Small Wonder Records. The Cravats are a punk rock band originally from Redditch, England, founded in 1977 by Robin Dallaway (vocals, guitar) and The Shend (real name Chris Harz) (bass, vocals). The first single from the Cravats was the self-financed "Gordon", released in 1978. On 31 July 1979 they recorded their first session for the John Peel show on BBC Radio 1. Soon after they received a recording contract with Small Wonder Records. Three further Peel Sessions followed on 6 October 1980, 18 August 1981 and 15 November 1982. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Cravats Gordon THE CRAVATS CH 004

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