A DIY label, apparently a one-off.  A single offering 'Knees Up Mother Brown' b/w 'Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue' by Pearly Steve Patten appears to have been The Cockney Jester's only release; I would guess that Steve Patten worked under the name of 'The Cockney Jester'.  His name did appear on at least one other disc: he wrote a song called 'It's A Good Life', which was recorded by Vince Collins and issued on Marlin Records.  As can be seen from the label, his own single had a catalogue number of CJ/SP-1 and was made at Beck Studios in 1978.  Apparently the songs on it are in the 'Chas & Dave' area, as you might expect. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Pearly Steve Patten Knees Up Mother Brown THE COCKNEY JESTER CJ/SP 1

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