Thanet Records is another one of those sad case where all I can do is provide a note of a label's existence and a scan.  Thanet was responsible for at least one record, a single by an artist who is credited as 'T. Anique'.  It offered a lively version of 'Casatchok' on one side and a rather bluesy 'Mother Nature Father Time' on the other.  Each side had its own catalogue number, the former being TR/SP-100 the latter TR/SP-101.  Both featured a female vocalist with an assured and mature-sounding voice; they also featured a full orchestra, which suggests that there must have been some money behind the production.  Pressing was by British Homophone.  There's no date on the single but I'm pretty sure it's from the '70s - apart from the fact that it has a '70s look to it, the label says 'stereo', which would have been redundant in the '80s, and a stereo single on a small independent label would have been very unusual in the '60s.  The printing is grey, rather than silver which hasn't scanned properly.  A firm called Thanet Records, operating out of premises at 113, King Street, Ramsgate, placed a 'Stereo Albums Wanted' advert in several issues of Record Mirror during 1975, but I haven't been able to connect that firm with the label and they may well have nothing to do with each other.  It's possible that the single may have been pressed here for sale abroad, but as Thanet is a district of Kent that seems unlikely.  Needless to say, any information would be welcome. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 T. Anique Casatchok THANET TR/SP 100-101

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