Independent label: Thames Records appears to have been the record label of publishing company Thames Music.  It released four records in 1976-77, all of which had a connection to composer Cliff Adams: he wrote the music for three of them and his choir featured on the other.  Thames's sole LP was the soundtrack to a show called 'Liza of Lambeth', and its first two singles were taken from that LP.  Its singles had catalogue numbers in a TH-500 series, and Distribution was by President.  The label of the second and third singles lacked the word 'RECORDS' under the 'THAMES' for some reason. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Tommy Pratt Liza THAMES TH 500
76 Angela Richards Is This All THAMES TH 501
77 Cliff Adams and His Singers Waltons Theme THAMES TH 502

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