Terry Gisborne Records Is another of those sad cases where all I can do is note the existence of a record and provide a scan.  In the late summer of 1978 Terry Gisborne recorded 'Love Theme From Romeo And Juliet' and an unnamed acoustic guitar solo and had the record pressed up by Lyntone, matrix numbers LYN-5688 / 5689.  The single had handwritten white labels; the catalogue number TG-1 is written on the example shown.  In addition to piano and acoustic guitar 'Love Theme' has a proper string section on it, rather than the 'synthesized strings' which can often be found on self-financed records from that period, so Terry must have put a bit of money into it.  Despite that, the track doesn't seem to have been released in any other form, on his own label or anyone else's.  Any more information would be welcome. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Terry Gisborne Love Theme From Romeo And Juliet TERRY GISBORNE TG 1

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