Independent label: Terrific Records Catalogue numbers suggest that it issued a dozen records during the period 1979-85, including some by people who had previously had hits - Cliff Bennett and John Springate.  Catalogue numbers were in the TRIF-000s. Distributed By Terrific Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Not Traced TERRIFIC TRIF 001
79 P. T. And The Plimsolls Game, Set And Match TERRIFIC TRIF 002
79 P. T. And The Plimsolls Package Holiday Lover TERRIFIC TRIF 003
79 Christopher Pledge With Francis Monkman And His Orchestra Living With Lisa TERRIFIC TRIF 004
79 Not Issued TERRIFIC TRIF 005
79 Not Issued TERRIFIC TRIF 006
81 Big Vern Fernie And The Bar M Boys Letter From Nashville TERRIFIC TRIF 007
81 John Springate  Song For Christmas TERRIFIC TRIF 008
82 John Springate  The Writings On The Wall  TERRIFIC TRIF 009
83 Not Issued TERRIFIC TRIF 010
84 Cliff Bennett Where Is The Love TERRIFIC TRIF 011

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