Independent Reggae label: Terminal Records was based in London and owned by Phil Pratt.  Terminal issued a dozen singles, in three different label colours and two different designs, in or around 1976.  One single borrowed an SS-000 number from the numerical series of Pratt's 'Sunshot' label; others were numbered in the TM-100s. Distributed By Terminal Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Andy Horace  Root Of All Evil  TERMINAL TM 101
76 London Jimmy  Jimmy Say Hello  TERMINAL TM 102
76 George Earl  Love Depression  TERMINAL TM 103
76 Campbell Corneal  I Am A King  TERMINAL TM 104
76 London Jimmy  Thank The Lord  TERMINAL TM 105
76 London Jimmy  Thank The Lord  TERMINAL TM 106
76 Fire Kings  Poor Man Cry TERMINAL TM 107
76 Austin Peter  When You Are Near TERMINAL TM 108
76 King Flowers  Crying Time TERMINAL TM 109
77 Andy Horace  Get Wise  TERMINAL TM 110
77 Jimmy London Moving On TERMINAL TM 111
75 Keith Poppin  Envious / Fed Up SUNSHOT SS 001
75 Jah Woosh  Religion Dread SUNSHOT SS 002
76 Al Campbell / Bobby Kalphat  Gee Baby / Behold I Come SUNSHOT SS 003
76 Keith Poppin / Sunshot Band  Who Are You / Dub Heavier Than Lead TERMINAL SS 004

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