Independent Reggae label: Tempus Records was jointly owned by John Francis and Dennis Bovell, and that it was based at 21A Malvern Road, London W9; by the time 'Lili Twil' by Raaw came out it had moved to Glenloch Road, NW3.  It issued ten 7" singles, in a TEM-100 series, during the years 1977-78.  In common with a lot of other Reggae labels it turned its attention to 12" singles, which it numbered in the TEMD-0s and issued from 1978-79. Distributed By Tempus Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Sufferer Sound  I A Suffer  TEMPUS TEM 101
77 Angelique Cry TEMPUS TEM 102
77 Errol Campbell  Jah Man  TEMPUS TEM 103
77 Good Breed  Heights  TEMPUS TEM 104
77 Steel Pulse  Nyah Luv  TEMPUS TEM 105
77 Levi  Put It On The Line TEMPUS TEM 106
77 Not Issued TEMPUS TEM 107
78 Errol Campbell  African Queen  TEMPUS TEM 108
78 African Stone  Choose Me  TEMPUS TEM 109
78 Bagga Matumbi  Sun Is Shining  TEMPUS TEM 110
78 Raaw Lili Twil TEMPUS TEM 111
78 Not Issued TEMPUS TEM 112
78 Sonny Tomm's Combo El Toro Pt.1 TEMPUS TEM 113

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