Tempest Music Records was a record label of a firm of music publishers based in Wardour St, London W1.  Tempest Music seems to have managed just one release: a single by the Ivor Raymonde Orchestra. The record featured two theme tunes: 'Force One' from the British Forces Broadcasting Service, backed with the theme to the TV series 'The Professionals'.  Its catalogue number was TEM-200SS, and its matrix number, LYN-3983, indicates a Lyntone pressing.  The year of issue was 1976, but you'd probably seen that for yourselves.  The 'A' side is relaxed brassy stuff with stirring patriotic tunes woven into it - 'Hearts of Oak', 'Rule Britannia' and that sort of thing.  Presumably it received enough exposure on the radio to make a commercial release worth while. Distributed By Tempest Music Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Ivor Raymonde Orchestra Force One TEMPEST MUSIC TEM 200SS

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