Independent Reggae label: Teem Records a was the British counterpart of Jah Lloyd's Jamaican label.  Most of its releases seem to have been issued only in Jamaica, but it put out at least three singles in Britain.  A couple of singles came out 1974 with numbers in a GL-1000 series and production credited to G. Lewis.  These had white labels of a simple design and the second had a large spindle hole. GL-1003 came out on the The Thing label, which had much the same appearance; the date of for that record was 1974.  'Shame And Pride' by the Diamonds was produced by Jah Lloyd himself (under his other name of Pat Francis) and had a more exotic-looking label, as can be seen; it was issued in 1976 and had a catalogue number of PF-4273 - presumably the same as that of the original Jamaican issue.  The Diamonds signed to Virgin Records later that year, and re-recorded 'Shame And Pride' for their new company.  The Discography lists three other singles with numbers in the PF-0000s as being British releases. Distributed By Teem Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Jah Lloyd Dry Bone Skank TEEM GL 1001
72 Righteous Flames Kissing Sweet TEEM GL 1002
72 I. Brevett And Dennis Alcapone College Girl THE THING GL 1003
76 Jah Lloyd Eat Good Food TEEM PF 2344
76 Randy Russell Back In My Arms TEEM PF 2479
76 Diamonds Shame And Pride TEEM PF 4273
76 Jah Lloyd Ganja Crop TEEM PF 4790


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