Independent label: Tee-Cee Records managed at least three releases, all of them in 1978 and all made through SRT.  Gaberlunzie's single 'Blue & White For Scotland' b/w 'Land Of MacDonald' (SRTS/CUS-78116) was the first; it was closely followed by 'I Will' b/w 'Secret Love' (SRTS/CUS-78117) by Rygby Darnell.  An EP by Kay King featuring 'Stand By Your Man' and three other tracks (SRTS/78/CUS-128) followed shortly afterwards; it had a pale. I would guess that 'Tee Cee' stands for the initials of the person through whom the records were made. Distributed By Tee-Cee Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Gaberlunzie Blue And White For Scotland TEE-CEE SRTS/CUS 78116
78 Rygby Darnell I Will TEE-CEE SRTS/CUS 78117
78 Kay King Stand By Your Man TEE-CEE SRTS 78/CUS128

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