Techniques Records was part of the Trojan group.  The first two-thirds of Techniques issues were Winston Riley productions; indeed the label took its name from that of Riley's own label in Jamaica.  It put out around thirty singles during the period 1970-74, and enjoyed two unexpected Top Ten successes with Dave & Ansil Collins's, 'Double Barrel' (TE-901; 1970) and 'Monkey Spanner' (TE-914; 1971), the first of which went to No.1 in the charts.   For the most part pressing is likely to have to have been done by Orlake, who were responsible for manufacturing most of Trojan's subsidiary-label records. Distributed By Trojan Records. Winston Riley (14 May 1943 19 January 2012) was a Jamaican singer, songwriter and record producer. Riley was born in Kingston, Jamaica. He formed the band The Techniques in 1962 and recorded material with that group. He formed his own label in 1968 and produced records for several musicians, including Alton and Hortense Ellis and Johnny Osbourne. Riley's own song, "Double Barrel", performed by Dave and Ansell Collins under his own production, was one of the first international reggae hits. On 1 November 2011, Winston was shot in the head at his home in Kingston. According to police, he had been the subject of several earlier attacks. After being in a coma since the shooting, he died on 19 January 2012. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

70 Technique Allstars Something Tender TECHNIQUE  TE 900
70 Collins Dave & Ansil Double Barrel TECHNIQUE  TE 901
70 Sensations War Boats TECHNIQUE  TE 902
70 Technique Allstars You'Ll Get Left TECHNIQUE  TE 903
70 Techniques Lonely Man TECHNIQUE  TE 904
70 Ellis Alton I'Ll Be Waiting TECHNIQUE  TE 905
70 Technique Allstars Feel A Little Better TECHNIQUE  TE 906
70 Wright Winston Top Secret TECHNIQUE  TE 907
71 Ellis Hortense To The Other Woman TECHNIQUE  TE 908
71 Bryan Rad Jumping Jack TECHNIQUE  TE 909
71 Not Issued TECHNIQUE  TE 910
71 Wright Winston 8.5 Special TECHNIQUE  TE 911
71 Not Issued TECHNIQUE  TE 912
71 Collins Ansel Nuclear Weapon TECHNIQUE  TE 913
71 Collins Dave & Ansil Monkey Spanner TECHNIQUE  TE 914
71 Collins Dave & Ansil Karate TECHNIQUE  TE 915
72 Osbourne Johnny See And Blind TECHNIQUE  TE 916
72 Lloyd Young High Explosion TECHNIQUE  TE 917
72 Alcapone Dennis Look Into Yourself TECHNIQUE  TE 918
72 Ethiopians Promises TECHNIQUE  TE 919
73 Trammy Horns Of Paradise TECHNIQUE  TE 920
73 Prince Jazzbo Mr Harry Skank TECHNIQUE  TE 921
73 Riley Winston Woman Don'T You Go Astray TECHNIQUE  TE 922
73 Rogers Sidney Don'T Throw Stones TECHNIQUE  TE 923
73 Silvertones That'S When It Hurts TECHNIQUE  TE 924
73 Clarke Annette Just One Look TECHNIQUE  TE 925
73 I Roy Pauper And The King TECHNIQUE  TE 926
73 Eagles Rub It Down TECHNIQUE  TE 927
73 U Roy Junior Aunt Kereba TECHNIQUE  TE 928
73 White K C Anywhere But Now TECHNIQUE  TE 929
73 I Roy Monkey Fashion TECHNIQUE  TE 930
73 Davis Ronnie I'M Staying Here With You TECHNIQUE  TE 931
73 Romey & The Tenors  Tonight I'M Staying Here With You  TECHNIQUE  TE 932

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