Independent label: TDS Records was associated with Target Records and distributed by WEA.  TDS got into the Top 20 with its first single, Tonight's, 'Drummer Man' (TDS-1; 1/78); the band's follow-up, 'Money That's Your Problem' (TDS-2; 7/78), stalled at No.66 and proved to be the company's last Chart entry.  Just six singles were issued, all of them during 1978/79: four by Tonight and two by Andy Arthurs, whose quirky records for both EMI and TDS deserved more attention than they got. Distributed By WEA Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Tonight Drummer Man TDS TDS 1
78 Tonight Money That'S Your Problem TDS TDS 2
78 Arthurs Andy I Can'T Detect You For 1,000;000 Miles TDS  TDS 3
78 Tonight Wheels TDS  TDS 4
78 Tonight Jealousy Kills TDS  TDS 5
79 Arthurs Andy I Feel Flat TDS  TDS 6

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