TC Records was a custom recording concern from Polzeath, Cornwall, run by Basil Tait.  TC put its first record out in 1971, using a TC-LP (or EP)-2000 series; the middle part appears to have been dropped fairly quickly, leaving just TC-2000.  The highest number that Google came up with was TC-2007, an album called 'A Galaxy Of Songs' by Folk duo Adele & Margaret, from 1979.  As I'm sure you can work out from that, the company seems to have made records fairly sporadically, being responsible for seven of them over the course of nine years.  The majority were LPs, but it made at least one 7" record, a self-titled EP by Apollo Sound, which came out in 1973 and had a catalogue number of TC-EP-2002; the style of the matrix number on the run-off suggests a British Homophone pressing.  As is usually the case with custom recording studios, the limited numbers pressed and the local nature of their distribution make them difficult to trace. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

71 Treviscoe Male Voice Choir Sings For You (Album) TC TC LP 2001
73 Apollo Sound Apollo Sound (Ep) TC TC EP 2002
76 John Austin Showband For Our Friends (Album) TC TC 2003
77 The Viv Rodd Jazz Orchestra  Changing With The Times (Album) TC TC 2004
77 Bodmin Band Fifty Years Young (Album) TC TC 2005
77 Omen Mistimed It Again (Album) TC TC 2006
79 Adele & Margaret A Galaxy Of Songs (Album) TC TC 2007

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