Independent Reggae label: Taurus Records was from Birmingham, run by Bryan Harris of Black Wax records, Lozells. Who had record shop at 104 Grove Lane, Handsworth. Originally a television and retail shop run by a Mr Dewar, Brian Harris took it on in 1964, originally calling it Brian Harris Records before settling on Black Wax and Mango Records. Taurus operated in or around 1974 and issued singles in a TAU-0 numerical series, seemingly starting at TAU-10.  Numbers reached TAU-15, but 13 seems not to have been used. Distributed By Taurus Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 Ken Boothe Silver Words (Promo Only) TAURUS TAU 01
73 Roman Stewart In The Morning (Promo Only) TAURUS TAU 02
73 I. Roy Don't Get Weary - Joe Frazier (Promo Only) TAURUS TAU 03
73 Sang Hugh And The Lionelains Rasta No Born Ya (Promo Only) TAURUS TAU 04
73 The Tennors Wishes (Promo Only) TAURUS TAU 05
73 The Meditators King Rasta (Promo Only) TAURUS TAU 06
73 Not Issued TAURUS TAU 07
73 Freddie McKay Won’t Get Away (Promo Only) TAURUS TAU 08
73 Not Issued TAURUS TAU 09
74 Boris Gardiner Happening Sandra Skank TAURUS TAU 10
74 The Eagles One Sunday Morning TAURUS TAU 11
74 Willie Williams This Magic Moment TAURUS TAU 12
74 Not Issued TAURUS TAU 13
74 Delroy Wilson I Can't Help Myself TAURUS TAU 14
74 Royal Willie  General Alarm  TAURUS TAU 15

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