Independent label from Norfolk: Tash Records was owned by Terry Smith-Howell.  If the catalogue number of the Second Opinion single 'King Of The Raceway' b/w 'Stormbird' - This record was played at Swaffham Raceway every time a race winner was paraded round the track in the start car, which continued until the Raceway changed hands in 1987. TASH-0035 - is any guide, Tash should have issued at least thirty-five records.  The internet however, reveals only two others: an album by the same band, 'A Matter Of Opinion' (TA-002) and a 1977 album by System, 'On The Other Side Of Time'.  The latter had no catalogue number, but had a matrix number of 1861 DT-29.  That there were thirty-two other releases and they have disappeared without trace seems highly unlikely, so perhaps the '0035' was nothing more than a typo or a made-up number.  News of any other Tashes would be very welcome.  Distributed By Tash Records. Second Opinion are a Norfolk Band. Members were Robbie Goodyear (Bass Guitar), Ian Gillon (Drums) & Ted Starkings (Lead Guitar) Ronnie Broughton (Rhythm Guitar) & Mel Holman (Vocals). Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Second Opinion King Of The Raceway TASH TASH 0035

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