Tartan Records was either a custom recording label or a small independent company.  I have only been able to trace seven singles on Tartan, but given the small pressings and localized distribution that self-financed records received that's probably not surprising.  There are no dates on the labels, but in many cases the final two digits of the catalogue numbers appear to show the year of release.  Carol Anders's version of 'The White Rose Of Athens' (8BG-1576; 1976) was pressed by Phonodisc; according to its sleeve it was distributed by the Black Hill Record Co. of Shotts, Lanarkshire.  William St.Leonard's 'Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart' is reported to have been numbered LJ-167 and to have come out in 1978; I can't help wondering if the '167' was a typo and should have been '1678'.  Another Carol Anders record has 'RE 1/10/78' on the label, which looks more like a date than a catalogue number.  Again, Pat Hill's 'My Native Land' LP was numbered IRC-10/77, which again looks distinctly dateish, so perhaps the numbers had a double function.  The 'BG' prefix items appear to have been made through BGS Productions, of Strathaven; see also 'BGS Chord' and 'Country House'. Distributed by Black Hill Record Co., Shotts, Lanarkshire, Scotland. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Marie Joy And Mike Davies Little Green Apples TARTAN 1BG 1774
74 David Christian If TARTAN 2BG 1974
74 Pat Hill I Don't Know How To Love Him TARTAN 5BG 11174
74 Frater And Gunn Fraulien TARTAN 6BG 1274
76 Carol Anders White Rose Of Athens TARTAN 8BG 1576
74 Speakers Corner Peppermint Twist TARTAN 1C  1674
78 Carol Anders And Lightfoot Peace In The Valley TARTAN RE 1/10/78
78 William St.Leonard Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart TARTAN LJ 167

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