This Target Records was Irish in origin.  For the most part, indeed, it was confined to the Irish Republic.  It was closely associated with Pye, and its singles shared Pye's 7N-17000 and 7N-45000 numerical series.  Records which were on Target in the Republic were issued on Pye over here, so the label ought not to qualify for this site.  However, the single shown above, 'Cricklewood' by the Cotton Mill Boys, may be of British origin.  Whereas the Irish issue is listed as being 7N-45059, in the usual Pye / Irish Target manner, the one shown above is numbered TS-45059; same number, different prefix.  Its matrix number, as you might expect, has the 7N prefix instead of the TS one.  In addition, the style of the matrix number indicates that the record was pressed by Pye in England, not by their Irish plant.  And again, the Irish 'Target' label has a very distinctive design, with black circles on a yellow background and the letters of its name in yellow on black 'bullet holes' across the top.   Finally, Irish 'Targets' indicate on their label that they were manufactured in the Republic; the Target shown doesn't.   It could be the single had a British release on Pye and was then licensed and reissued privately - perhaps by someone connected with the Cotton Mill Boys - on a version of Target.  But that's just speculation.  Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

71 Cotton Mill Boys Cricklewood TARGET TS 45059

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