Independent Irish label: Tara Records was Founded in 1972 by Jack Fitzgerald to license Christy Moore's Prosperous LP for the Irish Market. Customers in his Tara Records shop in Dublin The label grew, with only a handful of releases by 1980, but under the direction of  John Cook the label has become one of the premier Irish traditional music labels. There was a short-lived American Tara Records label launched in 1973 (Destributed by Famous) and may not be related to the Irish label. Distributed By Release Records. 


74 Irish Coffee Top Of The Morning TARA TS 001
74 Dev Shawn  Mind Of My Child / Playground In My Mind TARA TS 002
74 John Aherne Snowfall / The Stranger  TARA TS 003
77 Stich To The Aisle / I Believe In You TARA TS 004
77 Paula Christian Baby Me TARA TS 005
80 Christy Moore  John O'Dreams TARA TS 006
80 Stockton'S Wing  Fiddler John / Cameron Highlanders TARA TS 007
81 Stockton'S Wing  Beautiful Affair TARA TS 008
81 Clannad  Mhorag 'S Na Horo Gheallaidh TARA TS 009
82 Stockton'S Wing   Walk Away / Lasagne TARA TS 010
82 Philip King  Arc Of A Diver / Trouble / Factory Girls TARA TS 011
82 Clannad  Theme From Harry'S Game TARA TS 012
82 Stockton'S Wing And Steve Cooney  Themes From Beyond The North Wind TARA TS 013
83 Clannad  I See Red / Ta Me Mo Shui TARA TS 014
83 C'Est Clave  You Hold The Key / Programmed Romance TARA TS 015
83 Clannad Newgrange TARA TS 016
83 Moving Hearts  Oil Sheiks / Promises  TARA TS 017
84 Clannad  Robin (The Hooded Man) / Lady Marian TARA TS 018
84 Freddie White  Frozen Heart / The Birth Of The Blues TARA TS 019
84 Moving Hearts  State Music / May Morning Dew TARA TS 020
84 Clannad  Now Is Here / Together We TARA TS 021
84 Freddie White  Long Distance Runner / Christmas In Capetown TARA TS 022
85 Freddie White  It'S You / You Don'T Know Me TARA TS 023
85 April South  Drift Away  TARA TS 024
86 Clannad (With Bono)  In A Lifetime / Indoor  TARA TS 025
86 Those Nervous Animals  How Does The Shopper Feel TARA TS 026
86 Freddie White  Frozen Heart / Long Distance Runner TARA TS 027
86 Rita Connolly  The Defence Of Hens Castle / Death Of Richard In Iron TARA TS 028
86 Flex & The Fastweather  The Darkness / Little Pieces TARA TS 029
86 Those Nervous Animals  Damien TARA TS 030
86 Freddie White  Silas Rat / (Dub Mix)  TARA TS 031
87 Henry Mccullough  Gone With Another / All Shook Up // Can'T Help Falling In Love TARA TS 032
87 Clannad  Something To Believe In / Second Nature TARA TS 033
87 Freddie White  Have A Nice Day / Desperados Waiting For A Train (12") TARA TS 034
88 Davy Spillane  Theme Music For Eurovision TARA TS 035
90 Shaun Davey  From The Relief Of Derry Symphony TARA TS 036
90 Ken Kiernan You Know Its Alright (For Anais) TARA TARA KK 1

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