Independent American label: Tappan Zee Records was a Jazz-Fusions label, named after the Tappan Zee bridge which spans across the Hudson River in the New York suburbs. And was owned by pianist Bob James.  It ran from 1977-84 in the States, but enjoyed a shorter life in these islands; over here, a lot of the company's product, pre-1979, seems to have come out on CBS.  When singles on the Tappan Zee label as such finally appeared, they shared a catalogue series with those of CBS for the most part, though the first 7" issue, at least, used a TZ-0 numbering - the record in question being Wilbert Longmire's, 'Black Is The Colour' (TZ-1; 6/79).  TZ-2, 'Watermelon Man' by Mongo Santamaria, is reported to have been available only as a promo; that too dates from 1979.  The Bob James record shown would appear to date from early 1980 despite the '1979' on the labels.  Needless to say, CBS handled Manufacture and Distribution. Bob" James (born December 25, 1939) in Marshall, Missouri, U.S.A. Is an American two-time Grammy Award-winning smooth jazz keyboardist, arranger and record producer. He is recognized as one of the original founders of smooth jazz, is renowned for the complexity of his arrangements and instrumentals, and his work is frequently sampled. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Longmire Wilbert  Black Is The Colour TAPPAN ZEE  TZ 1
79 Mongo Santamaria Watermelon Man TAPPAN ZEE  TZ 2
79 Bob James Main Theme From Star Trek TAPPAN ZEE  S CBS 8128
80 Bob James And Earl Klugh Kari TAPPAN ZEE  S CBS 8139
80 Bob James Theme From 'Taxi' (Angela) TAPPAN ZEE  S CBS 8540
80 Bob James  Shepherds Song / Theme From 'Taxi' (Angela)  TAPPAN ZEE  CBS A  3012
80 Bob James Sign Of The Times TAPPAN ZEE  CBS A  1608
81 Bob James The Steamin' Feelin' TAPPAN ZEE  CBS A  1837
83 Bob James The Original Theme From Taxi (Angela) TAPPAN ZEE  A 3533

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