Tao Productions Records was a DIY label. Blackmail's 'A Game For All The Family' EP (AR-7021; 1978) is the only record that I have been able to trace on Tao Productions, anyway.  The catalogue number is one of a series used by custom recording concern Amazon Studios, of Kirkby, Liverpool. Distributed By Tao Productions Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Tucker Cy & The Friars  Something About You Baby I Like AMAZON AR 7001
75 Rimmer Peter   A Different Song AR 7002
75 Not Traced AMAZON AR 7003
76 Gerry Aiden Gerry SerenAiden -- Country Style AMAZON AR 7004S
76 Father Francis  Wild Flying Dove (Album) AMAZON AR 12005
76 Les Dennis  Imagination Game AR 7006
76 Sandy & Fred  Country Gold Ep AMAZON AR 7007
76 Father Francis  Herald Of The King - Father Francis Volume III (Album) AMAZON AR 12008S
76 Not Traced AMAZON AR 7009
76 Jerry Grant  Pretty Woman AR 70010
76 Fr. Francis*  Volume II - Fool For You (Album) AMAZON AR 120011S
76 Cy Tucker & The Friars  Funny Face AMAZON AR 70012 S
77 The Variations Mississipi AMAZON AR 70013S
77 Not Traced AMAZON AR 70014
77 The McParlands Lovers And Fools AMAZON AR 70015S
77 Cy Tucker And The Friars Pearl's A Singer AMAZON AR 70016
77 Margo Think About It, Baby AMAZON AR 70017S
77 Not Traced AMAZON AR 70018
77 Shyne Salvation Army Citadel AMAZON AR 70019S
78 The Chimes The Chimes (Album) REF AR 12020S 
78 Blackmail A Game For All The Family TAO AR 7021S

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