Independent label: Tangsong Records was a production company.  Tangsong only managed two issues on its own label, both in 1975: 'Condition Red', by Footsie (TS-101; 5/75), and Spix 'n' Spax's, 'Follow The Leader' (TS-102; 8/75).  Both were aimed at the Northern Soul market.  The label came under the President umbrella, and its products were distributed by Enterprise and Lugton.  Tangsong is one of that small band of labels which had all the credits on one side and a picture on the other - in this case, a rather pleasant picture of an Old English Sheepdog.  Other labels with the same idea were Charly, Dandelion, Neon, Ork, Small Wonder, and Vertigo.  The only other Tangsong production that has crossed my path was a Glam Rock single by Sisters, 'Kick Your Boots Off', which was issued on Bell (BELL-1307) in 1973.  All were Nick Smith productions, suggesting that Tangsong was his company. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Footsie  Condition Red TANGSONS TS 101
75 Spix 'N' Spax Follow The Leader TANGSONS TS 102

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