Tan Records was a DIY label. It was owned by a band called 'Twice As Nice'.  Their first EP, a three-tracker featuring ' Going Places', 'Follow Me Round' and 'Have You Been Along Way' came out on the CAE label in 1974 and was re-pressed - presumably - on Tan with the same catalogue number, TAN-001.  There's no date on the second EP, which featured 'Hometown', 'Thoughts Of You' and 'Dan Dare Rides Again' (TAN-002), but that also is reported to be from 1974; it had a hard-to-deceipher logo, as does CAE, and may perhaps pre-date the tan-coloured re-pressing.  Distributed By Tan Records. Twice As Nice was Lead Vocals, Keys: Trefor Thomas and Lead Vocals, Drums: John R Marshall. They formed around 1969 the duo had previously turned professionals with Norwich based Eyes Of Blond. After a brief period playing as the TJ2 the band became Twice as Nice. The band we signed to the Chic Applin Agency and released two records under his label and remained with them until John started his own Action Entertainment Agency. The pair continued to play as Twice As Nice and with other bands right up until Trefors death. John continued to play with Gorleston function band as well as other until he passed away in December 2013. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Twice As Nice Going Places CAE TAN 001
74 Twice As Nice Hometown TAN TAN 002
75 Peter Wood With Twice As Nice Surrey With The Fringe On Top TAN TAN 003

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