Independent label: Tado Records was a label specializing in Country music. At least, of the few of its LPs that I have been able to trace, the majority were by Country artists such as John Barry and Tom Christi; though Siver City's self-titled album (TADO-5002) is reputed to be AOR/Proggy Rock.  Catalogue numbers suggest that the company issued at least fourteen records from the mid '70s onwards; TADO-5014, Tom Christi's 'The Best That I Can' LP, came out in 1982.  At least one single was released, the Alabama Hayriders' version of 'Rocky Top' (TADO-5006; 1978); it was pressed by Orlake.  As can be seen, albums and singles alike shared the same TADO-5000 numbering. Distributed By Tado Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Sounds Familiar  Sounds Familiar (Album) TADO TADO 5001
76 Siver City Siver City (Album) TADO TADO 5002
77 Tony Holland Here's To You (Album) TADO TADO 5003
77 John Barry  The Two Sides Of John Barry (Album) TADO TADO 5004
78 Cockatoos  Cockatoos (Album)  TADO TADO 5005
78 Alabama Hayriders  Rocky Top TADO TADO 5006
78 Not Issued TADO TADO 5007
79 Paul Melba Sings A Toast To The Stars (Album)  TADO TADO 5008
80 John Barry  Country Style (Album) TADO TADO 5009
80 Breakaway Brass In Pocket TADO TADO 5010
80 Tom Christi  Show Me (Album) TADO TADO 5011
80 Cockatoos  Love And Laughter (Album) TADO TADO 5012
81 John Barry (9) Jet Set Flier (Album) TADO TADO 5013
82 Tom Christi The Best That I Can (Album) TADO TADO 5014

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