Independent label: Tackle Records was one of Sonny Roberts's labels, a sister-label to Orbitone and Affection Records.  It operated from 1974-to 1978 and issued at least seventeen singles during that time; they were numbered in the TAK-000s.  The company's special area of interest seems to have been Soca music.  The fist six singles didn't have the address at the top of the label, but other than that the design of the label appears to have remained unchanged.. Distributed By Tackle Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Roy Alton I'M Going Home  TACKLE TAK 001
74 Davis And Williams (Where Do I Go From) Here TACKLE TAK 002
74 Roy Alton Kung Fu International TACKLE TAK 003
74 William Brown Afro Funk TACKLE TAK 004
74 Roy Alton Genie'S Afraid Of The Dark TACKLE TAK 005
75 Kalabash   Country Girl   TACKLE TAK 006
75 The Vaughns / Bunny Reece  Vaya Con Dios / Tammy  ORBITONE TAK 007
75 Merchant Um-Ba-Yao TACKLE TAK 008
75 Roy Alton Ebony Eyes  TACKLE TAK 009
76 Senators   North Sea Express   TACKLE TAK 010
76 B. Fromton Get Ourselves Together TACKLE TAK 011
76 Kalabash (Take Steps) Independence TACKLE TAK 012
76 Not Issued TACKLE TAK 013
76 Roy Alton Island In The Sun TACKLE TAK 014
76 The Champions Serious TACKLE TAK 015
76 Roy Alton Africans   TACKLE TAK 016
77 Dee, Joey Nightmare TACKLE TAK 017
77 Roy Alton Sharing You  TACKLE TAK 018
77 Big Davy Tribute To Alex Haley TACKLE TAK 019
77 Roy Alton Disco Bongo  TACKLE TAK 020
77 Roy Alton Dominica Independence  TACKLE TAK 021
78 Not Issued TACKLE TAK 022
78 Singing Francine Runaway TACKLE TAK 023

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