Independent American label: Tabu Records was started by Clarence Avant in 1977, following the demise of his Sussex label.  A Disco / R'n'B concern, it enjoyed considerable success in the 1980s, with the S.O.S Band, Cherelle, and Alexander O'Neal all registering repeatedly in the Charts on both sides of the Atlantic.  In the '90s Tabu suffered distribution difficulties in the States, moving from Sony to A&M and then Motown; it shut down in 1999.  The label came on the scene in Britain in 1979, as a member of the CBS family.  Its singles were given a TBU prefix; their numerical series was shared with the other CBS-labels singles.  Just the one single appeared in our decade: Brainstorm's 'Hot For You' (S TBU-7341; 5/79).. Distributed By CBS Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Brainstorm Hot For You TABU S TBU 7341
80 S.O.S. Band Take Your Time TABU S TBU 8564
80 S.O.S. Band S.O.S. (Dit Dit Dit Dash Dash Dash Dit Dit Dit) TABU S TBU 9056
82 S.O.S. Band High Hopes TABU TBU A 2936
83 S.O.S. Band Groovin' TABU TBU A 3120
84 S.O.S. Band Just Be Good To Me TABU A 3626
84 S.O.S. Band Tell Me You Still Care TABU A 3927
84 S.O.S. Band Just The Way I Like It TABU A 4621
84 Cherrelle I Didn'T Mean To Turn You On TABU A 4656
84 S.O.S. Band Weekend Girl TABU A 4785
88 Cherrelle Fragile Handle With Care TABU A 4825
86 O'Neal Alexander A Broken Heart Can Mend TABU A 6244
86 O'Neal Alexander If You Were Here Tonight TABU A 6391
85 S.O.S. Band Break Up TABU A 6427
85 Cherrelle & Alexander O'Neal Saturday Love TABU A 6829
86 Cherrelle Will You Satisfy TABU A 6927
86 S.O.S. Band The Finest TABU A 6997
86 Cherrelle Artificial Heart TABU A 7185
86 O'Neal Alexander What'S Missing TABU A 7191
86 S.O.S. Band Borrowed Love TABU A 7241
86 O'Neal Alexander A Broken Heart Can Mend TABU QA 6244

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