Independent label from Exeter: Tabitha Records was set up by musician Graham Sclater as an extension of his 'Tabitha Music' record label and publishing company.  Tabitha Music seems to only have issed 12" records, of which Colin Wilson's 'Cloudburst' LP (TAB-101; 1975) was the first, but Tabitha issued at least four 7" records in 1977-78, the third of which was an EP by collectable Folk group The Faraway Folk.  Catalogue numbers were in a TAB-0 series, and distribution was by Shannon.  The label then seems to have gone into hibernation for a while: TAB-5 and TAB-6 appeared in 1984, and then there was another long gap - until 1988 - for TAB-7.  The company did however place some of its products with other labels, 'One Of Those Days One Of Those Nights' by Tramp, on Target (TGT-130; 5/77) and 'Taxi Driver' by Martin & The Brownshirts, on Lightning (GIL-507; 4/78) being cases in point.  The latter appeared on the Tabitha label in Belgium, and a number of other Tabitha records - some of them seemingly not made available in the UK - were issued in that country.  The '80s label came in at least two different designs.  The company branched out into book publishing and is still going today. Distributed By Tabitha Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Annie Noel Pebble On The Beach TABITHA TAB 1
77 Frank Yonco & Everglades I Can'T Keep My Hands Off Of You TABITHA TAB 2
78 Faraway Folk Shadow Of A Pie TABITHA TAB 3
78 Shades Le-Roy TABITHA TAB 4
84 Andy Ford  Teenage Love TABITHA TAB 5
84 Andy Ford  Groovy Kind Of Love TABITHA TAB 6
88 Sovereign Aliens TABITHA TAB 7
90 Sovereign I Would Be Mad TABITHA TAB 8
83 Quazar Silver Stallon TABITHA QUAZI 1

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