T. Rex Records was a DIY label. It was Marc Bolan's own label, devoted to his music. T. Rex Records was founded by Bolan so that he could have complete artistic control over his own product; apparently there had been arguments with Fly, his previous company, over what should be released. It operated from 1972-78, and was distributed by EMI.  An initial T-REX-100 numbering series was replaced by a MARC-0 one after only one issue; the label's design appears to have been tweaked slightly at the time of the changeover.  The third single had a white label with red printing, but the usual colours were red on dark blue.  There was an alteration in the perimeter text at the start of 1974, starting with MARC-10: in line with other labels in the EMI group the reference to 'The Gramophone Co.' at 8 o'clock was changed to refer to 'EMI Records', and at the same time the 'Made in Great Britain' at the bottom migrated to 5 o'clock.  Other than that, the basic design remained unchanged.  Demos were in the standard EMI style of the time, with a moderately discreet 'A' and the legend 'Demonstration record - not for sale' overprinted on issue labels. The label was revived in 1982 for a short series of EPs, numbers picking up where they had left off, at MARC-20; a variant of the red-on-white label was used for these releases. Distributed By EMI Records. T. Rex were an English glam rock band, formed in 1967 by singer-songwriter and guitarist Marc Bolan. The band initially called Tyrannosaurus Rex, released four folk albums under this banner. In 1970, Bolan began to make a shift from basing his band's sound around an acoustic guitar to basing it around an electric one and shortened their name to T. Rex. "Ride a White Swan" coincided with this change and instantly became a commercial success. From 1970 until 1973, T. Rex encountered in the UK a popularity unseen since the demise of the Beatles, with a run of 11 singles ranked in the UK top ten. 1971's Electric Warrior received sustained critical acclaim as a pioneering album of glam rock. It reached the number 1 position in the UK. The follow-up, 1972's The Slider, allowed the band to enter in the top 5 in the US. At the end of 1973, T. Rex started to have less commercial success but kept on recording one album per year. Marc Bolan and his girlfriend Gloria Jones spent the evening of 15 September 1977 drinking at the Speakeasy and then dining at Morton's club on Berkeley Square, in Mayfair, Central London. While driving home early in the morning of 16 September, Jones crashed Bolan's purple Mini 1275GT into a tree (now the site of Bolan's Rock Shrine), after failing to negotiate a small humpback bridge near Gipsy Lane on Queens Ride, Barnes, southwest London, a few miles from his home at 142 Upper Richmond Road West in East Sheen. While Jones was severely injured, Bolan was killed in the crash, two weeks before his 30th birthday. Bolan's death ended the band. Steve Peregrin Took died from asphyxiation from a cocktail cherry after his throat was numbed from his use of morphine and magic mushrooms in 1980, Steve Currie also died in a car crash, in 1981; Mickey Finn succumbed to illness in 2003. Peter 'Dino' Dines died of a heart attack in 2004.Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 T. Rex  Telegram Sam T. REX T. REX 101
72 T. Rex  Metal Guru T.REX MARC 1
72 T. Rex  Children Of The Revolution T.REX MARC 2
72 T. Rex  Solid Gold Easy Action T.REX MARC 3
73 T. Rex  20th Century Boy T.REX MARC 4
73 T. Rex  The Groover T.REX MARC 5
73 T. Rex  Truck On (Tyke) T.REX MARC 6
74 Marc Bolan and T. Rex  Teenage Dream T.REX MARC 7
74 T. Rex  Light Of Love T.REX MARC 8
74 Marc Bolan Zip Gun Boogie T.REX MARC 9
75 T. Rex  New York City T.REX MARC 10
75 T. Rex  Dreamy Lady T.REX MARC 11
75 T. Rex  Christmas Bop T.REX MARC 12
76 T. Rex  London Boys T.REX MARC 13
76 T. Rex  I Love To Boogie T.REX MARC 14
76 T. Rex  Laser Love T.REX MARC 15
77 T. Rex  The Soul Of My Suit T.REX MARC 16
77 T. Rex  Dandy In The Underworld T.REX MARC 17
78 T. Rex  Celebrate Summer T.REX MARC 18
78 T. Rex  Crimson Moon T.REX MARC 19
82 T. Rex  Children Of The Revolution T.REX MARC 20
82 T. Rex  20th Century Boy T.REX MARC 21
82 T. Rex  Truck On (Tyke) T.REX MARC 22
82 T. Rex  Telegram Sam T.REX MARC 23
72 T. Rex  Telegram Sam T. REX TREX 101
72 T. Rex Chariot Choogle T. REX SPSR 346

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