T.O.G. Records was another one-off custom recording label.  It managed at least two singles Sweet Chariot's EP 'Angelina' had a catalogue number of SCEP-001, and it was issued in 1977.  'America', on the 'B' side, veers between Prog and Simon & Garfunkel, which sounds intriguing.  The band, which was from the Salford area, had had a single out on Columbia, 'When I Was A Kid' (DB-8999; 6/73), and it went on to release another DIY single on Smile Records, a song for Manchester City F.C. called 'C'mon The Blues' (SR-031; 1981).  There was also a self-financed LP, Memories',  on SRT, and an album for library music firm DeWolfe, 'Sweet Chariot And Friends'.  The label name may well have been put together from the initials of the surnames of the group, which included Pete Oliver and Ronny Grundy. Be that as it may; with the help of Sweet Chariot a group of Manchester United supporters, The Red Army, provided T.O.G. with a single, 'Rock On United' b/w 'Lullabys Of Stretford' (SCS-005; 1979); and there was a undated album by Blanche Finlay, 'Now Tomorrow' (SCLP-006).  The Red Army single was made through custom recording firm SRT, and was pressed by Orlake.  If anybody knows what 002, 003 and 004 were, I'd be pleased to hear from them. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Sweet Chariot Angelina T.O.G. S.C.E.P. 001
77 Not Traced T.O.G. SC 002
77 Not Traced T.O.G. SC 003
77 Not Traced T.O.G. SC 004
79 The Red Army Rock-On United T.O.G. SCS 005
79 Blanche Finlay  Now Tomorrow (Album) T.O.G. SCLP 006

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