Independent label: 219 (Manx Radio) Records, Manx Radio started broadcasting in 1964.  It had two medium wave channels in the '70s, 188 and 232 metres, but these were replaced by the 219 metres channel in 1978, and thus the label got its name.  219 seems to have been responsible for just three releases.  The one which interests us was a 7" EP called 'Harvest Of The Sea' by the Manx Festival Chorus, which featured 'Ellan Vannin' and 'The Smugglers Lullaby' in addition to the two tracks shown on the scan. The catalogue number was MR-1000, and it came out in 1979.  The next two records in the series were 12" LPs.  They were 'The Royal Tynwald' (MR-1001; 1979), and 'The Story Of The 1980 T.T. Races' by Peter Kneale (MR-1002; 1980) - previous T.T Races LPs by Peter Kneale had been made by T.H. Colebourn Ltd, of Douglas.  The radio station is still going today. Distributed By 219 (Manx Radio) Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 The Manx Festival Chorus The Manx Fisherman's Evening Hymn 219 (MANX RADIO) MR 1000

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