Synesthesia Records was a DIY label formed in London in 1978 by Derek Morris and Steve Parry. And was home to just the two records, both of which were by Neu Electrikk (a.k.a. 'Neu Electric').  The first was a single, 'Lust of Berlin', which came out in May 1979; its catalogue / matrix number, SGS-107, was one of a series used by SGS studios of South London. The second release, an EP called 'Cover Girl', came out the following year; it was pressed in France, and was numbered SYN-1.  The band described their sound as 'Modern surreal musik'; 'Lust of Berlin' is said to owe a debt to Heroes-era David Bowie. Neu Electrikk (also known as Neu Electric) were formed in london in 1978. The band consisted of Derek Morris (vocals, guitar, and lyrics), Steve Parry (guitars, electronics, keyboards, and other instruments), Steve James Sherlock (Saxophone, flute, other devices), Nick Chamberlain Hunt (bass), and Barry Deller (drums, percussion).. Distributed By Synesthesia Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Neu Electrikk  Lust of Berlin SYNESTHESIA SGS 107
80 Neu Electrikk  Cover Girl SYNESTHESIA SYN 1

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