Independent Reggae label: Sydna Records was owned by Dennis Harris.  Sydna released four singles, all of them in 1974.  Numbering for the first three was in an SYD-5000 series, starting at 5026 and ending at 5028; the '5000' part is similar to that used by singles on the Dip label, but there are Dip singles with those numbers and the Dip 'DL' prefix.  The fourth single, 'Pablo's Mercy' by Augustus Pablo (DL-1276; 1974), was numbered in a different series altogether, though the 'DL' suggests that it was still handled by Dip. Distributed By Sydna Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Rocking Horse  Be Thankfull  SYDNA SYD 5026
74 Brown Dennis  No More Will I Roam  SYDNA SYD 5027
74 Gray Dobie & Smoking 007  Good Old Days  SYDNA SYD 5028
74 Pablo Agustus  Pablo'S Mercy  SYDNA DL 1276

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