Independent label: Swan Records was from Swansea, operative in the late '70s and early '80s.  Only three of the records on the Swan label that I have seen listed were seven-inchers.  Audrey Squires's version of 'Without You' (SW-101) and 'Londonderry Air' by Keith Gordon (SW-102) were both singles, and there was a Various Artists EP called 'Swansea Sound Themes' (SW-104; 1976).  Singles, EPs and albums shared the same SW-100 catalogue numbering.  The label's output was heavy on Club / Cabaret singers, which suggests that it was a custom recording concern; an album of church bells recorded in the Winchester district of Hampshire, 'Centenary Bells' (SW-114; 1979), provides a more unusual item.  Audrey Squires recorded for other labels such as Cambrian and Klub; presumably her Swan recordings were self-financed.  The single shown looks like an Orlake pressing, as does the 'Swansea Sound Themes' EP. Distributed By Swan Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Audrey Squires  Without You SWAN SW 101
76 Keith Gordon  Londonderry Air SWAN SW 102
76 Not Traced SWAN SW 103
76 Various Artists Swansea Sound Themes SWAN SW 104
76 Live Connection Warsaw Conversion SWAN SW 105
77 Michael Rousselle  Gold Mountain King (Album) SWAN SW 106
77 Audrey Squires  The Voice Of Audrey Squires (Album) SWAN SW 107
77 Kenny Smiles Live At The Stoneleigh Club (Album) SWAN SW 108
78 Not Traced SWAN SW 109
79 Meadowlark Smith  Thats The Way It Was (Album) SWAN SW 110
79 Not Traced SWAN SW 111
79 Not Traced SWAN SW 112
79 Audrey Squires  It'S Audrey Squires Ok (Album) SWAN SW 113
79 Winchester Church Bells Centenary Bells (Album) SWAN SW 114
79 Not Traced SWAN SW 115
79 Ieuan R. Evans  To Love And Be Loved (Album) SWAN SW 116
79 Lleisiau Lliw Cymanfaoedd Canu Gwl Y Cyhoeddi (Album) SWAN SW 117

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